miércoles, septiembre 26, 2007

Harvest Moon

Ahí les va un boletín que me llega seguido de esta página y que me llamó la atención...

Noche de Lunada en la hostería de sueños

Reserve con tiempo!!!!!!


Space Weather News for Sept. 26, 2007



There's a full Moon tonight (Wed., Sept. 26) and it has a special name--the "Harvest Moon," the full Moon closest to the autumnal equinox. In the days before electric lights, farmers relied on moonlight to help them gather ripening autumn crops. The bright Harvest Moon allowed their work to continue late into the night. Now, post-Edison, we appreciate the Harvest Moon more for its beauty than its utility. Moonrise happens tonight at sunset; look east and enjoy the view!

AURORA WATCH: Northern fall has begun with a vibrant flourish of green--that is, green Northern Lights. A solar wind stream hit Earth on Sept. 21st sparking an intense, three-day display of polar auroras. Get ready for more: Another solar wind stream is due on Sept. 27th or 28th.

Updates and a gallery of spectacular photos may be found at http://spaceweather.com .

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Hey!! sí vi la luna anoche y se veía bien chida XD ahora veo que pasaba jejeje


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